The ‘Zidane method’: how young people have been won

first_imgZidane handles youth as he handled the ball. With identical care, but also with the same rigor. “You cannot speak to him only with emotion and affection. For him to give 100% you must demand, even manipulate him a little. The stick and the carrot … “, It is one of the principles that Zizou imposed himself as a coach and thus he has won over the youth of the squad. The last statements of Fede Valverde (“Zidane speaks to you as if he were your friend, each word of hers must be kept inside your head”) are an example of the respect and admiration they have for him.Since he began his adventure on the bench, as Carlo Ancelotti’s assistant, Zidane has always been characterized by having a special touch with the youngest of the squad. One of his functions in that successful 2013-14, season in which the Tenth was conquered, was to be a pedagogue: he took advantage of his ancestry as a world crack and a legend of Real Madrid to guide the kids in football and personal matters. So he did with Varane, Isco, Morata or Jesé. The French took each one every day and was in charge of working with him to iron out his defects and enhance his virtues. He also sometimes carried out psychological work.A plan that he has continued to apply as head coach, although sometimes the outcome did not turn out as expected. Zidane has always been clear: “I learned that you have 23 players. A third follow you out of loyalty. Another third only follows you if you give them something. And another third will complicate your life. ” He always tries to be constructive in order to minimize the last third of that composition as much as possible. And in this way he has managed to win over this season the ‘children’ of the squad: Vinicius, Rodrygo, Jovic, Valverde himself (he already did it with Isco or Asensio) …’Professor’ with ViniciusWith Vinicius (19 years old), Zidane has played the role of ‘teacher’. Distressed by months of drought and low mood, the Brazilian ‘knocked on the door’ of the Frenchman, who after training stayed with Vini to hone his shot, sharpen his aim, and smooth his momentum. “He has talked a lot with him,” they say in Valdebebas. Talks that reassured a player who had already begun to hear a whistle from the Bernabéu and that mentally strengthened him. “He talks to me so I can work hard because I’m young. And not listen to people from outside, listen to my family and the club staff, that with him there and with the players I will evolve “, the player declared to Jornal Extra. Despite the first curves, Vinicius has embraced Zizou.Soccrates Images & nbsp; (Getty Images) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Soccrates Images (Getty Images) Same as Rodrygo (19 years old). The player went from Castilla, where the season began, to having an extraordinary irruption in the first team, but in the last matches he disappeared from Zidane’s plans. The Brazilian, however, does not look suspiciously at his coach. Zizou instructs and talks to him. He is aware that he is 19 years old and has just arrived at Madrid. No hurry. “With Zidane I am very comfortable. He is a very nice guy who always talks to me and gives me advice. He calls me at his office and shows me what I did wrong. He gives me advice on what he did when he played and he has helped me a lot “, recognized the player.Private conversations are part of this work of strengthening confidence and sense of belonging carried out by Zidane. Vinicius and Rodrygo, by character, have been more permeable to that message. With Jovic (22 years old) it is costing him. The Serbian, signed this summer for 60 million and who came with the goalscorer lineup (27 goals in 48 games with Eintracht last season) and competition for Benzema, was not just found. LThe drought that he is going through (only two goals in 770 ’) and a whistle from the Bernabéu affected Jovic and Zidane came to his aid. Publicly (“It is the future, he is 21 years old, he is going to score many goals and he is very good. You have to be patient”) and privately. In several talks he conveyed his confidence. “The goals will come, patience. I am happy with your work,” he repeated. Not surprisingly, the Marseillaise backed his signing with faith this summer. And despite not counting in the last games and after the latest transfer rumors, the club removed any doubts about its future: “He has a contract until 2025 and we are counting on him.” “Zidane trusts me,” the forward went on to say. Now, after starring in troubles and controversies, he only seeks forgiveness …FuturesBut Zidane has not only “convinced” the youth of the current squad, but also on loan. Odegaard (21 years old), who has earned his season at Real to be part of Madrid’s next project, has repeatedly expressed his admiration for Zidane, who already had him as a coach for Castilla. His most revealing words were pronounced when the French decided to return to Madrid just a year ago: “For me it is very positive that he returns. I know him well and we have a good relationship. It is perfect”.Achraf (21 years old), on loan at Borussia Dortmund but that Madrid wants him to be part of the next squad, he also has very good memories of Zidane. Although in this case the link with the coach is much stronger than that of the Norwegian. In an AS interview, the Moroccan winger confessed that his relationship with Marseille is almost paternal: “My relationship with him is quite good, and I continue to maintain it. He is a coach who always gives me good advice, it shows that he wants the best for me, as if I were his son. Whatever happens, I will always have a good relationship with him. ” The shy Zidane who was fleeing the cameras has been diametrically opposed in the bowels of the locker room. Dialogue is Zidane’s main weapon to persuade. And so, despite not enjoying the minutes they would like, it has won over the youngest.last_img read more