Lack of equipment, medicine hampers effective functioning of Wismar hospital

first_imgWhile the Upper Demerara Hospital (UDH) at Wismar, Linden, is currently making strides towards the advancement of healthcare delivery in Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice), it has not been without its share of issues.Medical Superintendent (MS) of the hospital, Dr Steve Mark outlined a number of these to Regional Chairman Renis Morian during a recent visit to the medical institution.The issues range from the lack of a stationed ambulance, lack of ECG and ultrasound machines, HCG kits, inefficient security, depletion of staff, trouble sourcing pharmaceuticals as well as maintenance issues. Mark indicated that the hospital was also in need of a handyman.“Right now we are in dire need of an ECG machine because we have about fifty plus medical patients with heart condition, hypertension, diabetic patients that are in need of ECG. So we’re really in need of this and also an ultrasound machine”, the MS explained.The hospital recently boosted its maternity wards and other units, however, Mark noted that it cannot move forward without support from the relevant authorities. He also pointed out that decisions surrounding the management of the hospital are being made, allegedly through the Linden Hospital Complex (LHC) at Mackenzie without consulting him.Dr Steve Mark and Regional Chairman Renis Morian having a discussion at the hospital“Decisions are being made over that side about everything and bypassing my end. My staff are being moved…so the whole function of the hospital breaks at times. Because if I’m here and Mackenzie making decisions without me knowing then how can I manage this hospital…This is a serious matter. What has been happening is, we have a group of staff here and over the river (Linden Hospital) seem to be draining (our staff)”, Mark said.As such, he said this prevents the hospital from attaining a certain standard. The Regional Chairman said while he was happy with the progress being made at the UDH, he was concerned over the issue of staff depletion.“…what I’m disappointed with is the call to move staff from Wismar hospital. I would like the administration of the Mackenzie hospital to first have a talk with the RDC (Regional Democratic Councillor) on this because…this has been happening over the years. Every time this hospital come up, you remove and it go down back. We are not in the business of carrying down. We’re building this hospital. If they need staff, they need to apply for staff or invite fresh staff, but we don’t want staff move from Wismar hospital…you don’t deplete this hospital to build Mackenzie hospital, you build both hospitals”, Morian said.He added that the objective is for residents of Wismar to have a fully functional health facility, as he made a promise to speak with the Health Minister on the issue. During the discourse, Mark also highlighted the need for a parking facility at the hospital. He said he has written to the relevant authorities on some of the issues.The Regional Chairman also made a promise to address the issues and to write to the relevant authorities. According to Mark, the hospital cannot move forward with the present climate.  “The hospital has a lot of potential. We need to move it forward…” he added.last_img read more