DD Business: Donegal companies forge new trade links in US

first_imgA joint partnership between Gartan Technologies from Donegal and US firm Adashi Systems was just one of the success stories form the Ireland North West delegation who travelled to the United States last week as part of a trade visit.This, coupled with the establishment of a Boston office for Derry firm GoWalkTalk add to the ongoing commitment to strengthen economic development links between Massachusetts and the North West region.Making the announcement of the new Boston office for GoWalkTalk, the Mayor of Boston, Martin Walsh, speaking at the Golden Bridges Conference, said the investment by the Derry based healthcare management applications and solution’s company was evidence of the ongoing positive partnership arrangement with Massachusetts and the North West region of Ireland. Seamus Neely, Chief Executive Donegal County Council presenting at the North West Show case at the UMass Building during the North West Ireland delegation visit to Massachusetts last week.The Ireland North West delegation, the first of its kind to travel to Massachusetts, was cross border and cross agency led, with the Cathaoirleach of Donegal County Council, Cllr Terence Slowey, the Derry City and Strabane District Council’s Mayor Alderman Hilary McClintock, the Chief Executives of both Councils, Seamus Neely and John Kelpie, Council officials, representatives from Udaras na Gaeltachta, Ulster University, Letterkenny Institute of Technology and the North West Regional College, and 17 local businesses, all travelling to promote the region for investment and build and develop strong links and relationships between both regions.An inspiring “Gateway for Growth” promotional video and brochure was officially launched during the visit and businesses and officials in Worcester, Springfield and Boston about the unique opportunities that existed for investment in Ireland North West.Seamus Neely, Chief Executive with Donegal County Council said that the potential US investors were very interested to hear that Ireland North West is ranked in the top 10 economies in the world for ease of doing business and starting a business, and to hear about our strong and diverse SME base and real spirit of entrepreneurship.“What was very evident from our visit was how the US businesses were interested in our location and our closeness to Europe. We went out there with a very clear message that our unique location is our strength and how we provide the only region that has a land border between the UK and the rest of the EU.” Pictured at the Golden Bridges Conference in Boston last week is Joe McHugh TD Minister of State for the Diaspora and Overseas Development Aid, Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council, Alderman Hilary McClintock, Cathaoirleach of Donegal County Council Cllr. Terence Slowey and Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh.“Our young, well educated population with their strong worth ethic, and the fact that 31% of our school leavers are educated to degree level and have right skills for employment were very much of interest to the businesses we spoke to.”John Kelpie, Chief Executive with Derry City and Strabane District Council said: “We told delegates about our unique offering and the fact that Ireland North West, that includes the fourth largest city on the island of Ireland, is a very attractive location for international business partnerships because of its hugely talented skills base, competitive operating costs, advanced telecommunications infrastructure and excellent education and business linkages. A key selling point for us was our unique location and our close connectivity to Europe, our very youthful and talented population, and excellent skills base.“We were very forthright about our ambitious plans for the future and told them about how we are investing multi-millions of pounds in our road, rail and air infrastructure and connectivity over the next five to 10 years, that will see the expansion of our university, the development of a graduate medical school and major redevelopment of the city sites including investment in housing, office and retail space and leisure service provision. We outlined our strong commitment to building on our existing strengths in terms of our youthful and well educated population, our talent and creativity and skills base to promote ourselves as a city and region that is willing and able to do business.”Another top selling point for the delegation was the region’s extremely cost competitiveness for prime office rent space compared to Boston or Dublin and the attractive financial support packages and ongoing aftercare support for potential investors that are on offer, in addition to our universities and institutions that are driving our technology and knowledge industries.John Kelpie said these impressive selling points make Ireland North West a highly attractive and competitive location to do business and he is confident some real linkages and connections were made.Cathaoirleach of Donegal County Council, Cllr Terence Slowey said feedback on what Ireland North West has to offer has been very positive and that people in the US were genuinely very excited about what the region has to offer.Mayor Alderman Hilary McClintock said the visit was very significant not only in terms of forging links and relationships but in giving the companies that travelled as part of the delegation a real insight into the US market and the opportunities that exist for development and expansion. For the 17 companies that travelled as part of the delegation there is a lot of follow up work to do with the connections and links made during the visit.Eleanor Hanna from Donegal based Hanna Hats felt that the trip was very beneficial for her business and said that “we have made some great contacts with high end fashion stores in the US and we are planning to meet up with them in the New Year to pursue these opportunities further”.Orla Ward from O’Neill’s, Ireland’s largest sportswear manufacturing company, said the visit was really worthwhile and she is following up on a number of very positive leads with colleges and universities in Boston who are interested in their quality performance playing kits.DD Business: Donegal companies forge new trade links in US was last modified: November 22nd, 2016 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Reducing Concrete’s Hefty Carbon Footprint

first_imgSimple technology from a Canadian companyThe Canadian company CarbonCure Technologies has developed a process that injects waste CO2 into a typical concrete production process, effectively replacing a small amount of cement with CO2 without compromising the concrete’s strength or integrity. Once in the mix, the CO2 changes into calcium carbonate, the chemical equivalent of the limestone used in the production of conventional cement.Four concrete producers in North America have started using CarbonCure’s technology, including Argos in Atlanta and Vulcan in Springfield, Virginia, and about a dozen more are negotiating licenses, according to Sean Monkman, the company’s vice president of technology development. One user, over the course of a single week after the technology was installed, saw its CO2 emissions drop from 124.5 metric tons (137 tons) to 119 metric tons (131 tons) by replacing some of the carbon-intensive cement in the concrete mix with waste CO2, Monkman says.CarbonCure’s technology is a small retrofit to the concrete production process — just a computer system, a tank of waste CO2 and a tube that can pump that CO2 into the concrete mix. “It’s simple. It doesn’t require any huge change in the way things are normally operated,” Monkman says. “For a conservative industry like concrete, it’s got to be simple if people are going to want to do it.”Change is slow, many in the industry concede, which has made it challenging for new material approaches to catch on. And though typical cement has a high carbon footprint, there’s still no cheaper option. RELATED ARTICLES Recycling concrete by turning it into aggregateYet another way to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete is to recycle it. Researchers at the University of Notre Dame are developing a cost-effective method by which producers of precast concrete — concrete formed into a mold and brought to building sites — can effectively recycle their waste concrete into aggregate and reuse it in the production of construction beams.Engineering professor Yahya Kurama, who’s leading this research, says the environmental toll of mining the aggregate used to make concrete — often from riverbeds and mountaintops — has been largely ignored. “You’re not only destroying the environment but you’re spending the energy to dig that material out, and then you have to transport it,” he says. By reducing the amount of virgin aggregate they mine, concrete companies can cut both environmental impacts and costs.Another approach to reducing the need for new concrete is the advent of self-healing concrete — concrete mixes augmented with various polymers, bacteria, and healing agents that can automatically respond to cracks. Researchers in the United Kingdom are currently testing a number of experimental self-healing concretes, including one embedded with tiny capsules that open when the concrete cracks and form new solid calcium carbonate.None of these approaches on its own will erase the environmental impact of concrete. But the more alternatives there are, the more sustainable the industry can be. A roomful of materials scientists, gathered at UCLA for a recent conference on “grand challenges in construction materials,” slowly passed a brick-size white block around the room. They held in their hands, briefly, part of the solution to one of those grand challenges. The white block, rock solid and surprisingly lightweight, was a new alternative to cement, the glue that holds together aggregate, or crushed rock, to make the world’s most ubiquitous building material: concrete.Production of cement — and by extension, concrete — has a large environmental footprint, mostly due to the huge amount of energy it takes to heat limestone, cement’s key ingredient, and the subsequent chemical process it undergoes. The process of creating cement emits upwards of 80% of the cement’s weight in carbon dioxide and accounts for about 5% of human-generated CO2 emissions.Though producing the white block still requires some CO2-emitting fuel, CO2 also is one of the ingredients used to create it. The cement-like substance, which is as yet unnamed, is about one-third CO2 by mass; it reduces its carbon footprint by sequestering CO2 inside the finished product. Can Wood Replace Concrete and Steel in Skyscrapers?Reinventing Concrete Researchers Learn Lessons from Remarkably Durable Roman ConcreteUsing Fly Ash in Concretecenter_img Concrete, and the cement that binds it, is the most widely used material in the world, and its usage is on the rise. From 2011 through 2013, China used more than 6.5 billion metric tons (7.2 billion tons) of cement — more than the U.S. used in the entire 20th century. Between 2006 and 2050, global production of cement is expected to increase to between 3.7 billion metric tons (4.1 billion tons) and about 4.4 billion metric tons (4.9 billion tons) a year. Since concrete’s not going away, reducing the carbon intensity of its production is becoming a global imperative.New technologies and approaches are being developed to cut down on concrete’s environmental downsides — everything from utilizing industrial by-products to reduce cement usage, to recycling existing concrete, to producing self-healing concretes that reduce the need for new concrete, to creating entirely new materials. Nate Berg writes about cities, science and design. This post originally appeared at Ensia, a non-profit magazine covering environmental and sustainability issues. No perfect solution existsThat white block is not completely carbon-negative nor can it replace typical cement completely, explains Fredrik P. Glasser, a professor at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland who is part of the team that developed the cement alternative. In this case, limestone is replaced with waste CO2 and magnesium from a cement production facility and a desalination plant in Qatar, but carbon-emitting high heats are still required.Glasser says it’s less about replacing cement than reusing the large quantities of CO2 it produces. “The emphasis has to be on taking that CO2 and making useful products from it,” he says.The material he’s helping develop is still a few years away from market, but it’s proving in tests to be a viable replacement for some concrete and insulation in building projects. His goal isn’t to compete with cement, but to “eat away at the edges” of what it’s currently being used for, shaving down the global need for cement and the carbon emissions it produces.Researchers and businesses all over the world are trying to find other ways to carve niches into this market — by developing novel material approaches or simply making concrete less environmentally harmful.last_img read more

11 YouTube Channels Every Filmmaker Should Follow in 2019

first_imgCover image via guteksk7.Looking for more filmmaking tips and tricks? Check these out.The Best Explanation of Dual (Native) ISO We’ve Seen YetIncrease Your Production Values with Simple Costume DesignPre-Production Tips: The Basics of Breaking Down a ScriptThe 5 Tenets of Capturing Good B-Roll for Your DocumentaryLens Tips: Doing the Work of Four Lenses with Two We rounded up some of the best YouTube channels every filmmaker should be following for inspiration and technical know-how in 2019.Before we get to the list, let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room. Film Riot, Peter McKinnon, and . . . I guess . . . Philip Bloom(?) are nowhere on this list. Yes, they all have big, creative, popular YouTube channels. But while they have millions of subscribers, this list is about some of the smaller channels that are just as good — if not better. So, without further ado, here are my personal favorite channels of 2019.1. Deity MicrophonesOne of the more recent channels on the scene, Deity Microphones should be your go-to channel for all things audio. Whether you’re a one-man band setting up lavs, booms, and audio recorders yourself or whether you’re hired to run audio or grip for a production, these videos will adequately prepare you. Aputure recently bought Deity, and the quality of the videos and products is similar. The channel helps creators understand how to capture audio effectively — while going easy on the budget.Subscribe here.2. Indy Mogul (Welcome Back!)Speaking of Aputure, Ted Sim recently made the leap to head the Indy Mogul channel. After a two-year hiatus, the once-legendary tutorial machine is back and better than ever. Their output has been quite impressive lately — they seem to outdo themselves with each upload.Subscribe here.3. CookeOpticsTVCookeOpticsTV is an underrated channel that is doing something nobody else is right now. The videos take the best cinematographers in the world and showcase their work through interviews and shot breakdowns. What better source for inspiration and information from than the people shooting your favorite movies?In the video above, Bradford Young discusses how and why he uses certain lenses for certain scenes. This video is a good example of how the whole channel operates, bridging the gap between the Oscar winners and us.Subscribe here.4. Potato JetStraying from the traditional tutorial model, Potato Jet is more of a review channel. Anytime a new camera gets announced, you’ll most likely see a review (or several) here. The content ranges from storytime to full-blown technical breakdowns. It’s a perfect channel for anybody thinking about buying new gear.Subscribe here.5. Shutterstock TutorialsFull disclosure: I work on this channel. So yes, I’m a little biased, but that’s because I’m super proud of what we’re making! The channel is home to all facets of video production and editing. Whether it’s giving away free assets every other week or showing you how to recreate iconic film looks, the channel is full of production gems. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!Subscribe here.6. Sonduck FilmsOne of the bigger motion graphics channels out there, Sonduck Films consistently puts out quality After Effects and Premiere Pro tutorials each week. Even if you’ve never opened After Effects, Josh Noel publishes intro-based tutorials that make his information approachable. Whether you’re in the business of editing corporate videos, weddings, or documentaries, these tutorials will improve the production value of every video you work on from here on out.Subscribe here.7. Grip TipsFor anybody already working on set — or hoping to — this channel is for you. Covering all things grip-/gaffer-/PA-/lighting-related, this channel is as simple as it gets — but the information is timeless. I originally found this channel because I was looking for videos about Duvetyne and found this. (Also, if you can make an entertaining video about Duvetyne, you have my subscription.)Subscribe here.8. The Film LookThe Film Look will save us all. Operating with under 22k subscribers, The Film Look is without a doubt one of YouTube’s best kept secrets — especially within the filmmaking community. Covering all aspects of production from planning a shoot to exporting your video in Premiere, their content often includes film theory and production walk-throughs. (Once you’ve watched the video above, go check out their “5 Different Camera Rigs in 1 for $500.”) Think of this channel as the best DIY friend you’ll ever have.Subscribe here.9. FilmmakerIQThe true hero of YouTube right now. No flash, no flare. Just getting down to hard facts. No matter where you are in your filmmaking journey, this channel is constantly releasing in-depth, informative content. Take this breakdown of dual ISO for example. Our very own Todd Blankenship covered this video and explains why content like this is so important.Subscribe here.10. YCImaging — One Man Band ShootersEasily one of the most reliable and consist creators on the platform, YC Imaging is still producing solid, actionable content with no other intent than to teach his subscribers how to be better filmmakers. Often hosting videos on how to be the most efficient solo-shooter possible, the channel’s quality has only gotten better as its host, Chrystopher Rhodes, continues to master his craft. And he shows no signs of slowing down.Subscribe here.11. PremiumBeatI know, I know. Of course we had to plug our own YouTube channel — we’re super proud of it! Covering all skill sets, video editing, cinematography, and directing are just the tip of the iceberg of what we cover. And every year we have free week, so come on, who doesn’t love free video stuff?Subscribe here.Other channels to check out:TIFF OriginalsDSLR Video ShooterStudioBinderMAKE. ART. NOW.Mark BoneCorridor CrewCinematography DatabaseThree Blind Men and An Elephant ProductionsWolfcrowThis Guy EditsTom AntosBoone Loves VideoZach RamelanD4DariousLessons from the Screenplaylast_img read more