Mouthing off

first_img“At the time the police agreed to let it go ahead, there were fewer than 100 people signed up. Now there’s more than 1,200 and, unsurprisingly, the police aren’t too happy about it.”- A ’pie fight spokesman’ on having to postpone a record-breaking attempt for the world’s biggest custard pie fight, organised through social networking site Facebook and due to be held in Brighton last Saturday, due to fears innocent passers-by could be targeted with pies”They’ve kept the doors open at the back and the pigeons came in on the first morning and pooed on some of the stands.”- One of Caffè Culture’s exhibitors who, reasonably enough, didn’t expect pigeons to take over the place. And you thought that was foam in your latte…last_img read more

Rude health

first_imgLaunched on 1 April but apparently not an April Fool’s gag is the strictly for adults only website Rude Cakes. A spin-off from The Cake Store (, Rude Cakes is following the economy’s descent into the gutter by establishing an X-rated emporium.”Perhaps the recession is responsible for Brits getting saucy and ordering explicit cakes for laughs,” explains Tim Slatter, co-director of Rude Cakes with brother Kevin.Sales of rude cakes have apparently risen by 140% in the last six months. The site features all the cakes that customers have requested so far, as well as a new line of “poor-taste wedding cakes and divorce cakes that’ll really shock”. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!www.rudecakes.comlast_img read more

New equipment seller targets small bakeries

first_imgMyDelightful, a Cheshire-based online company, was launched on Friday, selling wholesale bakery supplies to small retail businesses.The company – at – was founded by Kelly Lee, who had previously grown frustrated by the cost of supplying her cake-decorating business with basic supplies, such as cake boards and boxes.She wanted to create a way for small bakers, including those running businesses from their homes who struggle to afford the minimum order prices of other companies, to obtain the equipment they needed cheaply.Lee said: “Our aim in the beginning was to target bakeries, but over the weekend we’ve definitely seen that it should aim for people who do home-baking because they don’t have access to these prices on any other site.“We’re trying to create something where people think there’s no reason to click off and go on another website. Our products are no different from anyone else’s; they’re just a hell of lot cheaper.”produce its own waresThe company currently sources its material from China, but Lee said she was looking for the company to produce its own wares in the future.She said: “In the long term we are looking to manufacture ourselves, so again we can reduce the price for the customer.”MyDelightful sells a full range of packaging and other disposable products, including cupcake boxes, coffee cups and 50m rolls of baking parchment, as well as offering a bespoke printing service for items such as menus.last_img read more

Holy Ship! Releases Two Weekends Of Heavy EDM Lineups Featuring GRiZ, Big G, Claude Vonstroke, and more

first_imgFor the second year in a row, Holy Ship! will embark aboard the high seas for two consecutive weekends, January 6-10 and January 10-14, 2017. The premier electronic concert cruise will welcome headliners DJ Snake, Tchami, Duke Dumont, Boys Noize, A-Trak, and Marshmello for a stacked weekend one, followed by top-notch DJs Fatboy Slim, GRiZ, Claude Vonstroke, Jauz, and Maya Jane Coles weekend two. The sixth year of Holy Ship! will take place aboard a new boat, the Norwegian Epic, and each weekend will be extended from three days to four.The full weekend one lineup also includes sets from Big Gigantic, Rudimental DJ set, Kill The Noise, Destructo, Justin Martin, Nghtmre, Jai Wolf, Snails, Rufus Du Sol, Bob Moses, Busy P, Anna Lunoe, Malaa, Mercer, Slander, Louis The Child, Troyboi, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs DJ set, Wax Motif, Jimmy Edgar, Danny Daze, and tons of others. Weekend two will see Hot Since 82, GTA, Gorgon City DJ set, Destructo, Getter, Justin Martin, Jack Beats, Felix Da Housecat, Mija, AC Slater, DJ Tennis, Slow Magic, Hannah Wants, Soul Clap, Motez, Chris Lorenzo, Wolf + Lamb, Ookay,  Slushii, Herobust and many more.In addition to the music, Holy Ship! promises many artist-led activities, workshops, and theme nights, as well as an autograph signing and plenty of spontaneity and surprise sets. Each sailing will embark from Port Canaveral, FL, making stops in Great Stirrup Cay and Nassau, Bahamas, with a day at sea scheduled in-between.Cabin bookings will take place July 5-8, 2016. Those who have previously attended receive preferential booking, but you can sign up for the 2017 waitlist here.last_img read more

Gates receives honor, gives lecture

first_imgHenry Louis Gates Jr., the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor and the director of the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard University, was honored with the 2011 Media Bridge-Builder Award from the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding. One of the U.S.’s pre-eminent scholars of African-American history, Gates joins the august company of Gwen Ifill, Ann Curry, and Brian Williams, among others. Gates received the award on June 15 in New York City, where he also delivered the Tanenbaum Memorial Lecture, given annually by a prominent individual whose work in the public arena inspires broad audiences to work for greater acceptance among people of different religions and cultures.In addition to his work with students at Harvard, Gates is the author of 14 books and has most recently published “Faces of America: How 12 Extraordinary People Discovered Their Pasts and Tradition” and “The Black Atlantic: Critical Theory in the African Diaspora.”last_img read more

Chautauqua County Reports Four New Cases Of COVID-19 On Thursday

first_imgMGN ImageMAYVILLE – Chautauqua County officials have reported four new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in their daily press release Thursday afternoon.The new cases consist of a male in his 20’s, a male in his 40’s, and a male and female in their 70’s. There is also one new hospitalization in the county as well. This brings the total number of confirmed cases to 81 with 19 active, 58 recoveries, and 4 fatalities.241 cases remain under quarantine and isolation orders while there have been 2,704 negative test results to date.Officials remind residents that people under a quarantine or isolation order are not confirmed to have COVID-19 but have either shown symptoms, are awaiting results, or have risk factors. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Tony Nominee Thomas Sadoski Set for Baitz’s The Slap

first_imgTony nominee Thomas Sadoski, who appeared on Broadway in Jon Robin Baitz’s Other Desert Cities, will reunite with the playwright once more. According to Deadline, Sadoski is set for The Slap, the upcoming NBC miniseries written and executive produced by Baitz. Sadoski joins a cast that includes the previously announced Tony winner Mary-Louise Parker and Broadway alums Zachary Quinto, Peter Sarsgaard and Brian Cox, as well as Melissa George. In addition to Other Desert Cities, Sadoski’s Broadway credits include Reasons to Be Pretty, for which he received a Tony nomination, The House of Blue Leaves and Reckless. The Slap is based on the acclaimed 2011 Australian project of the same name. The family drama explodes from one small incident where a man slaps another couple’s misbehaving child. This domestic dispute pulls the family apart, begins to expose long-held secrets and ignites a lawsuit that challenges the values of those pulled into it.center_img View Commentslast_img read more

Chicken litter study

first_imgBy Phil WilliamsUniversity of GeorgiaScientists may need to reexamine assumptions about the spreadof antibiotic-resistant genes, according to a new study byresearchers at the University of Georgia. They found that poultry litter -a ubiquitous part of largebroiler operations – harbors a vastly larger number of microbialagents that collect and express resistance genes than waspreviously known.The study, published April 20 in the Proceedings of theNational Academy of Sciences, shows that waste left behind by flocksraised in industrial chicken houses is rich in genes calledintegrons that promote the spread and persistence of clusters ofvaried antibiotic resistance genes. Samples takens from Georgia poultry houses Integrons are the key to the problem Humans and animals have billions of bacteria in and on theirbodies at any time, and even if resistance to a single antibioticarises in a few of them through mutation, there are still severalother antibiotics that can eliminate them. But if bacteria in thesame environment are already equipped with clusters of genesconferring resistance to many antibiotics and can readilyexchange these clusters, then the treatment options are limited.”That’s what we have today, and the surprising abundance ofintegrons in the environment is a key as to why we have thisproblem,” said Summers.The discovery is now leading Summers and her UGA colleagues tosee whether these resistance-gene-clustering systems are presentin previously unrecognized reservoirs in companion animals andhumans. The results will change our understanding of whereresistance to new antibiotics will develop and how fast and howfar it will spread and have implications for all antibiotic use,not just that in agriculture.The research was supported by a grant from the NationalResearch Initiative of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and madepossible by four anonymous poultry producing companies thatafforded free access to their facilities for sample collection.center_img Solving long-standing puzzle”We were surprised to find a vastly greater pool of thesemulti-resistance clustering agents than anyone had suspectedbefore,” said Anne Summers, a UGA microbiologist who led thestudy. “Finding such a huge reservoir of integrons explains along-standing puzzle about how clusters of resistance genesspread so rapidly and persist in bacterial communities even afterantibiotic use concludes.”Other authors of the paper included Sobhan Nandi, apostdoctoral associate in the UGA department of microbiology, andJohn Maurerand Charles Hofacre of the department of avian medicine in UGA’sCollege of Veterinary Medicine. Maurer also holds an appointmentwith the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences’Center for Food Safety in Griffin.Antibiotic resistance is a serious and growing problem for farmanimal operations and human health. Antibiotic use to treatdisease and increase feed efficiency has been a common part ofindustrial farms for more than half a century. When antibiotic-resistant bacteria began to show up in hospitalsin the 1950s, researchers initially believed that simplyrestricting the use of antibiotics on farms could reduce theprevalence of antibiotic resistance among humans.”Over the past 30 years, we have learned this hope wasunrealistic because we share both pathogenic and benign bacteriawith other humans and animals,” said Summers, “and becausebacteria transfer genes among themselves.” At the heart of the multi-resistance problem are integrons,which scientists until now have exclusively studied in suchpathogenicbacteria as Salmonella and E. coli. The UGA team wondered, however: Does the poultry productionenvironment also harbor integrons that assemble these largeclusters of distinct resistance genes? To find out, samples of poultry litter from Georgia broilerhouses were collected regularly over a 13-week period. Litterbegins as a bedding material of softwood shavings placed incommercial broiler houses before chicks are brought to it. By thetime the flock is harvested, the shavings have become mixed withchicken feces, uric acid, skin, feathers, insects and smallinvertebrates. Rich in minerals, poultry litter is often recycledfor fertilizer and other uses. What the researchers discovered was startling: One integron type,called intl1 (typically found in E. coli and Salmonella) was upto 500 times more abundant than these bacteria themselves were inlitter. A bit of microbial sleuthing revealed that integrons arealso carried by so-called Gram positive bacteria that are muchmore abundant in litter than the E. coli-type bugs, called Gramnegative bacteria.”The fact that integron genes in the Gram positive bacteriaare identical to those of E. coli indicates they are beingactivelyexchanged among these otherwise unrelated bacteria,” saidSummers. “Just as intriguing, integrons and resistance genes wereabundant regardless of antibiotic use on the farms, suggestingthat, once acquired, integrons are inherently stable, evenwithout continual exposure to antibiotics.”The study has several significant implications, said Summers.Most studies of antibiotic resistance have been done in hospitalsettings, and until recently, much less work has been done on thereal-world ecology of systems that createmultiple-resistant clusters. Knowledge about how antibioticresistancesspread from animals to humans is at present sketchy; however,since humans and their pets are “colonized” by similar bacteria,it is reasonable to think we and our companion animals alsoharbor such multi-resistance gene clusters that are enriched whenwe take an antibiotic ourselves or treat our pets. last_img read more

Clips of the Week: Thunder Rock 100, Getting Outside, and VA Bike Camping

first_imgOur favorite outdoor videos from around the web for the week that was:1. Triple Dip on VirginiaThis video comes courtesy of BRO reader Trevar who submitted it through our Facebook Page. He combines fly fishing, mountain biking, and camping onto one solid adventure.2. New 100-Mile Race in ChattanoogaRock/Creek will bring a new 100-mile footrace to the Chattanooga, Tenn. area in 2014. Apparently, the people have been clamoring for it. Apparently, the people are also crazy. Check out his preview of the new Rock/Creek Thunder Rock 100.3. Go Outside and PlayThis is a cool video from shoe maker Merrell, that uses split screen to show you how outside is more better.4. O.M.G. FISH!Ok, this one is slightly random, but the trailer for upcoming fish porn flick 7 degrees south – Alphonse Island is intense. Some of the best fishing action I’ve seen. Don’t watch if you are itching for some exotic salt water fly action because your head might explode just like dude-man’s rod at 1:03 (his reaction is priceless).7 degrees south – Alphonse Island – official trailer from alphonsefilm on Vimeo.5. Trolling the TourWe’ll wrap with this French video of some mountain biking dudes hucking the Tour de France. Pretty cool idea, works to perfection.Making of du road gap au dessus du Tour de France 2013 from EnchoRage on Vimeo.last_img read more

Nicaragua Protects International Criminals

first_imgBy Julieta Pelcastre/Diálogo October 03, 2019 “We are witnessing the total rupture between the Nicaraguan government and Latin American democracies. Ortega is not interested in following international security standards; instead, he acts according to his political needs,” Jorge Serrano, a scholar at the Peruvian Center for Higher National Studies, told Diálogo. “He knows that he is disrupting the democratic order when granting citizenship to fugitives.”Nicaragua signed an extradition treaty with Central American countries in 1987. However, the latest fugitive to obtain Nicaraguan citizenship, in July 2019, was former Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes (2009-2014), who was granted asylum in the country in 2016, said the Nicaraguan Official Gazette.On March 22, the Salvadoran Supreme Court asked Nicaraguan authorities to extradite Funes, who is accused of money laundering and misappropriation of $351 million in public funds. Both he and his son, Diego Roberto Funes Cañas, appear on the roster of the Nicaraguan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, earning high salaries, said the Nicaraguan newspaper La Prensa.In August 2018, Guatemalan businessman and political operator Gustavo Adolfo Herrera Castillo, who has an arrest warrant from the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala for money laundering and corruption, was also granted political asylum in Nicaragua. Another head of state who found protection with Ortega is Thailand’s former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, charged with corruption and encouraging violent protests in the capital, Bangkok, which resulted in several deaths and more than 100 injured.“Ortega grants asylum to people of questionable reputation. The country is being flooded with narcotraffickers, terrorists, corrupt individuals, and human rights offenders,” said Marcos Carmona, director of the nongovernmental organization Permanent Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Nicaragua, to the online news portal Nicaragua Investiga. Meanwhile, the book Reagan’s War on Terrorism in Nicaragua: The Outlaw State, by Phillip W. Travis, professor at the State College of Florida, indicates that many members of the Basque terrorist group ETA arrived in Nicaragua back in the 1980s, under Sandinista protection.“Ortega wouldn’t act this way if he didn’t have Venezuela’s direct support, Cuba’s strategic guidance, and also Russia and China in the background, as a way to destabilize the Americas,” Serrano concluded. “The Nicaraguan regime seeks to remain in power by using repression while protecting criminals, regardless of the country’s image in the world.”last_img read more